Grove - vinyl single launch show

Grove’s stunning single launch at State 51’s GREED in London, and the first release from GREED singles club.


Grove - photo Terry Tyldesley

When Grove announced a short notice show at GREED, The state51 Conspiracy pop up record store in East London, we raced to be there. Promising a set heavy with new material in an intimate live room for just 50 people for the launch of their upcoming 7” single on State 51, Sound of The Underground / Maria, it promised to be a don’t miss moment. And it was!

Grove had the crowd spellbound from the very start. opening with an almost choral or even operatic slow vocal, as if beginning a ritual, enveloped in haze.

It was angel meets devil, with Grove in a red hat with charm-laden devil horns, and the Bristol-based artist was soon upping the pace: “London I want to see you move!”

Grove - photo Terry Tyldesley

Grove spoke about about their theme, exploring power in these new works. It was soon obvious that this was personal, political, and sexual power, with tunes that were often provocative in every sense, with bursts of humour too.

One minute Grove was the pilot taking control, running their shit. The next was all about Feed My Desire, the blistering single from last year.

There were plenty of earworm sounds and lines, and ‘I want to be a MILF magnet’ was a mountainous one of those.

Grove, a producer and vocalist, was performing with the magnetic EJ:AKIN, who was blasting out synths, electronics, and vocals too, taking a powerful lead on one of the songs.

EJ:AKIN & Grove - photo Terry Tyldesley

Grove made frequent references to the newness of these sounds, and singing about getting their mojo back felt like a real insight into recent experiences.

As things got harder, faster, more fiery, the crowd responded in kind, with the whole room jumping.

Big Boots was a triumph, smashing together bashment, big beats and punk spirit to call for change and more support for hospitals and schools. The lyrics ablaze with anger.

I like big boots so I can dance on the graves of supremacy
I’m done with Edwards and Lizzies and Henrys…

The power is ours got to reach out and take it

The show was a visceral and mind-altering experience, we can’t wait to see and hear more from Grove.

Grove - Sound of the Underground single

Sound of the Underground 7”vinyl

Grove’s amazing The Sound of the Underground single is out on 9th April on State 51 as as a limited 7” vinyl edition of 300.

Grove told State 51 “I whipped up this evil Bristol-soaked, bashment-heavy edition cover while touring, and have been playing it out at festivals throughout Europe, inspiring big queer mosh pits and walls of death.”

That’s Grove.