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Portrait XO, Express Mine - arte.tv
Portrait XO, Express Mine - photo Stine Deja
Kitmonsters Podcast with Portrait XO
Portrait XO, Express Mine - photo Stine Deja

Portrait XO is a pioneering hybrid audiovisual artist exploring AI, sound, and new media. Based in Berlin she is Creative Director at Sound Obsessed, and has contributed to the international AI Song Contest. She releases her debut AI album ‘WIRE’ in 2022, and is an official SXSW artist. During an artist residency at New Now Festival, Portrait created a new AI instrument and has made it available to the public.

We interviewed her for the Kitmonsters: Music and Tech Voices Podcast to find out more about the project, how she started in AI, and the tools she uses for her work.

Berlin / Los Angeles

Portrait XO - Interview on AI and her new instrument

Portrait XO, Express Mine - photo Stine Deja

EXPRESS MINE - playable AI audiovisual sculpture

As well as making her innovative and mesmerising AI album ‘WIRED’ that’s due out soon, Portrait XO has had a series of artist residencies, most recently at the New Now Festival in Essen, Germany, held at the Zeche Zollverein UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There she created the work ‘EXPRESS MINE’ a playable AI audiovisual sculpture, as well as a new AI instrument called Canary Bird. The residency was supported by Playtronica.

In this in depth podcast interview we find out more about her work, and her ethos of sharing the results. Plus hear from her about working in VR, NFTs, and she shares some tips too.

Portrait XO says:

I’m a big fan of democratising AI so that it does become more accessible.

She thinks that the more people there are who get to play with AI samples and instruments, the more creativity there will be in the field of AI and music and as a member of the creative code community, Portrait feels she has a duty to pass on her knowledge and processes.

Among her inspirations are Laurie Anderson and David Bowie and she says:

I’m sure If David Bowie was alive right now he’d be totally over the AI game!

Portrait XO, Express Mine - photo arte.tv

Increasingly working with visuals, Portrait talks about her latest plans, and designing in 3D and VR.

You can find out more about Portrait XO on her website at https://portraitxo.space/.

Her Canary Bird instrument and process document are in her EXPRESS MINE folder.

Portrait XO’s Express Mine installation - photo New Now Festival

Portrait XO is an official SXSW artist for 2022.