Teenage Engineering

Innovative Swedish electronic gizmo company who are so design conscious they were asked to develop the world’s cheapest cardboard camera for Ikea. Their ultra portable OP-1 synth/sequencer with 4-track tape feature is used by countless electronic musicians including Deadmau5, Bibio, Diplo, Gaslampkiller, Nosajthing,Tiesto and Sigur Ros. Their Musical Experimental Board features accessories such as a sneaker with a special pocket for a sensor, and they’ve a new field system series of portable gear that’s launched with the TX-6.

Teenage Engineering TX-6 Kit

New compact field mixer with fx and sound generator

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Kit

NEW - Mini synth in three flavours

Teenage Engineering OPLab Kit

Musical Experimental Board that interconnects virtually any electronic instruments

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Kit

Ultra-portable synth/sequencer with 4-track function