Makers of a huge range of instruments and electronics under the Roland and Boss labels. From pianos to synths, guitar gear and amps to electronic percussion kits, digital recording equipment, loop pedals, samplers and software. There’s always something new, and plenty of vintage collectables. Their kit has inspired band names and whole new movements such as Acid House.

Roland AX-Edge Kit

Performance-focused keytar

Roland SH-201 Kit

Compact analog-modeling synth

Roland AX-7 Kit

MIDI keyboard controller with D-Beam and more

Roland FC-300 Kit

MIDI foot controller with nine footswitches

Roland TD-4KP V-Drums Kit

Gig-ready fold up kit

Roland Integra-7 Kit

Rack synth with Motional Surround and 6000 sounds

Roland SPD-SX Kit

Versatile Sampling Pad

Roland TR-909 Kit

Vintage drum machine marvel

Roland JD-800 Synth Kit

Vintage highly programmable synth

Roland PD-85 V-Pad Kit

Dual-triggering technology

Roland Jupiter-50 Kit

Portable performance and studio synth

Roland G-707 Kit

A really unusual cross between a guitar and a MIDI controller.

Roland AX-1 Kit

A keyboard MIDI controller that can be worn like a guitar.

Roland SP-404 Kit

A versatile portable sampler with effects.

Roland TR-707 Kit

Old school drum machine and sequencer

Roland TR-808 Kit

Legendary vintage drum machine

Roland V-Synth GT Kit

Flagship expressive synthesizer

Roland System-100 Kit

Legendary vintage modular synth

Roland TR-505 Kit

Vintage pared-down drum machine

Roland TD-20KX Kit

Expressive V-Drums designed for stage

Roland TD-8 Kit

Compact V-drums for stage and studio

Roland Juno-60 Kit

One of the first Junos - still popular today

Roland SP-404 SX Kit

Linear wave sampler with effects and trigger pads

Roland SH -1000 Kit

A total classic - the first instrument that Roland made. Analog synth used by legendary bands.

Roland R-Mix iPad Kit

Sophisticated re-mix software with colour-coded clouds of harmonic matter, suitable for all levels of experience

Roland Jupiter-80 Kit

Modern version of Jupiter-8 with new features

Roland Juno-6 Kit

Vintage classic - the first in a series of affordable quality synths

Roland SH-101 Kit

Roland SH-101 is a small, 32 key, monophonic analog synthesizer manufactured in the early 1980s.

Roland Chorus Echo RE 501 Kit

The Roland RE-501 is an audio analog delay effects unit produced by the Roland Corporation.

Roland G-77 Bass Guitar Controller Kit

Unusual vintage Bass Synth Controller

Roland TB-303 Kit

The Roland TB-303 Bass Line is a bass synthesizer with built-in sequencer

Roland TD-4K2 Kit

Affordable entry-level electronic drum kit with coach and recording functions